The Art Gallery is an exhibit of paintings by John Hopper.
There is a description below each as to the medium, size of original, size framed and date painted.
Many of these are in private collections and are so indicated with the permission of the owners.
Those that are available for purchase are so noted with a price. For Information:
Limited Edition signed and numbered prints are available for a selection of the paintings.
Number in the edition, size of print and price are indicated.
All prints are glycee produced with archival inks on acid-free papers, numbered and signed.


"Saranap Shed"

Original Watercolor 12" x 18"
Framed 15" x 20"
In the collection of Ralph Woods

In an area of Walnut Creek called Saranap circa 1974 a loading shed stood along a rail siding. Long torn down, a 7-11 store now occupies the space. I love this painting.

"Dowager Light"
Watercolor 20" x 26"
Framed 27" x 33"

In collection of John & Jean Geyer

"Fog Shrouded Oregon Cove"
Watercolor 20" X 30"
Framed 24" x 36"

In collection of Gail Sexton & Sonja Christopher

"Paris Street Scene"
Watercolor 22" x 30"
Framed 27" x 36"

In collection of Hal & Judy Young

Part of a group show at MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA (July through September, 2013)

Artists are: • John Barry • MaryLou Correia • Aiko Damrow • John Hopper • Paul Kensinger • Betsy Livengood • Jacci Osborn • Steve Osborn • Mary Stupp-Greer

John's paintings (November 9 through 28, 2012) in exhibition at:
AC5 - Art Passages, a group showing of local Contra Costa artists in the lobby & Board Room of the Contra Costa County Office Building, 651 Pine St., Martinez, CA - See Video
Note: in the Video the Outer Bank lighthouses are mislabeled. They are: Cape Hatteras (spiral stripes), Cape Lookout (diamonds), Bodie Island Light (horizontal stripes) and Ocracoke Light (plain white). Carrituck Light is a brick structure (not shown). The Point Reyes Light is in the Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California. My apologies for the confusion.

"Matt's Jeep "
Watercolor 14" x 20"
Matted & Framed 25" x 31"

In collection of Carol Tracy

"Crowsline" is a new painting and the first acrylic that I've painted in sometime. It is one of three pieces that I plan to do on crows called a "Murder of Crows" from the term used for a group of crows. Crows are black, but the simularity ends there, each bird has distinct coloring and features. Click on the image to see a larger version with more detail.

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“Poppies at Pt. Reyes”

Original Watercolor 30" x 21"
Framed with double mat size is 40” x 30”.
Price: $945. plus sales tax, as framed.

Like petals strewn along side your path the
poppies wave you on down the steep stairs
and path to the Pt. Reyes Station Light below.

"Mendocino Boat Yard”

Original Watercolor 25” x 18”
Framed: 31” x 25”
Price: $625. plus sales tax, as framed.

A potpourri of boats, masts, keels and hulks
that have come to rest, some temporarily,
some for the long term along a coastal road
in Mendocino melancholy.

"Lighthouse Quartet"

Four Original Watercolors 11” x 15” each
Framed: 15“ x 19” each
Price: $185. separately purchased
The Quartet (all 4) is $600. plus sales tax, as framed.

These are four of the most famous lighthouses in the world. Located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks they are : Cape Hatteras’ Light (spiral stripes), Cape Lookout Light (diamonds), Bodie Island Light (horizontal stripes) and Ocracoke Light (no markings). Each has a lot of history.

"Winter Frosting"

Original Watercolor 21” x 14.5”
Framed: 28” x 20”
Price: $4
65. plus sales tax, as framed.

Evergreens tucked under a snowy blanket. A pond frozen surface, white powder drifts across an icy expanse while below life waits for Spring’s
release from Winter’s frosting.

Some paintings selected from patrons collections...





"Pine Island Gull"
Watercolor 11" x 13" "
Matted & Framed 14' x 18"

In collection of Emily & Roger Ehm

"Yosemite Falls "

Original Watercolor 19 ” x 29 ”
Framed: 27” x 39 ”
No longer available.
Original painting was damaged in shipping
from 2014 "Arts in Harmony" exhibition.

A Limited Series (90) signed & numbered prints are available at $95. plus tax and shipping.

Nature's flow squeezed between two massive cliffs, Yosemite Falls pours into the valley, the spray creating icy mortar between the stacked, stained boulders. Feel the rush, the power, bath in the awe and majesty that is Yosemite.

Original Acrylic on canvas 24" x 12" framed.
Price $975. plus tax.

"Blue Bicycle"
Acrylic on board 12" x 18" "
Matted & Framed 14' x 20 "

In collection of Terry McNalley
& Doug Schuster

"Maroon Bells Saloon"
Original Watercolor 13" x 19"
Matted & Framed to 19" x 25"
Price $565. plos tax as framed.

"First Frost"
Original Watercolor 13" x 19"
Matted & Framed to 19" x 25"
Price $595. plos tax as framed.
Abandoned, weathered by many seasons, the saloon sits just off the road to Maroon Bells above Aspen, Colorado. At over 10,000 foot altitude it takes your breath away. Hear the ghosts of cowboys, miners, dog sled drivers — that whoop it up still on cold, full-moon nights.
Fall leaves flung in piles of color against dormant tree trunks. Sycamore, oak, aspen and more kissed by a first frost of Winter. A glistening coating heralding the entry of Jack Frost's season.

"Birch Bay Slough"

Original Watercolor 20” x 26”
Framed: 26” x 32”
Price: $900
. plus sales tax, as framed.

Calm reflection of the birch trees in this backwater slough off a mythical Birch Bay, located in your state of mind — a respite from the troubled aggravated waters of everyday life. Come, relax enjoy the soft mountain mists and the Fall colors of this, your special place.