Mariam, 1975

Marilyn, 1992

Grant Avenue, 1972

Stephan, 1984

1958 - U.S. Navy P4V patrol plane being refueled in Salt Lake City enroute to Nellis AFB, Nevada

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John Wesley Hopper
Walnut Creek, California

John's uncle, Dick Morgan was a photographer in the U.S. Navy during WW2 and served in the Pacific filming air battles and shipboard events. Uncle Dick went on to be a professional photographer in Hollywood and LA as well as teaching photography and as Dean of Men at East LA City College. Uncle Dick encouraged John in his early (age 12) photo attempts and instilled a life-long passion in his nephew for the art of photography.

John followed Uncle Dick's path serving in the U.S. Navy Air as photomate, and continued in a semi-professional career as an advertising photographer, editorial photographer and photo-chronicleer of lifestyles, travel and Americana.

Portrait of John Hopper by Eric Veber ©2012

This is a sampling of John's photography, early years (Navy), advertising photography, travel and photography combined with design for posters, prints and note cards. You can contact John for permission to use or to purchase prints, posters and cards at:
EARLY YEARS 1955 to 1975

Horse, 1960

Self-Portrait, 1962

Joe, 1968

Donna, 1968

Mika, 1972
MORE TO COME 1976 to 1999 (a work in progress)

Rachman, 1984

Champagne in cellophane, 1976

Alcoa Building, 1970